This app is driven by the speed of AI development and adoption.
At the time of development, in December 2023, the latest LLM which is connected to internet is much more smarter than any individual human.
So what makes us special? If we exclude intelligence, then what are the differentiating factors that we as individuals possess and that other humans find valuable in us?
I think that those are a our own experiences, tastes, preferences, contexts and the ability to make decisions based on them.

So what if we can augment our smart AI assistants with anything that we find interesting or meaningful? It can help us make better decisions in the same contexts as we live and think.

Of course, there are already a bunch of existing hardware and software companies that are collecting the data of your life in the background. But I personally find it somewhat discomforting to have an app that is constantly surveilling my talks with other people, my screen, chats, etc. That is why I think we should be able to select which data will be a part of our AI augmented life and which not.

With our app you don't have to be a developer or spend your time in order to gather the data you need into some file. You can just insert the link for an article, or a video, or a podcast and be sure that this data will added into your Knowledge Hub automatically.